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 Born out of frustration with the lack of quality training, SocialYo was formed to offer high quality services at an exceptional value. But most of all, to remove the mystery surrounding Social Media. Our culture calls for complete honesty and straightforwardness in our approach with clients.  No self appointed gurus here – WE LIVE & BREATHE THIS STUFF YO!



Born out of frustration….

I am an 18+ year veteran of the mortgage industry and an early adoptor of social media. I first began blogging on the ActiveRain real estate network, and quickly realized that posting quality content, engaging in discussions, commenting on other industry peers posts had amazing SEO power or in other words, google juice.

It was here that I began to understand how to use keywords, how to title a post, how to use photos and video, what hyper local really meant and most of all, how to engage and be social in a meaningful manner online. Soon I became a featured contributor for Zillow and several other real estate/mortgage banking industry related blogging sites. Most recently one of my posts made – 12 Most Eyeballed Posts of 2011.

Out of frustration yet again, I studied wordpress, promising myself to never let one of my websites go down and suffer the anxiety over what was wrong, when will it be fixed and how much will it cost. I began building websites for friends and discovered a talent for design and how to place content.

In addition to blogging and building wordpress websites, I lived in the social streams. Didn’t matter if it was morning, night, weekend, holiday, whenever…. for three years I lived in the social steams 24/7. I have built many Linkedin groups and fostered engagement in them. But my real passion was Twitter and I can often be found chatting with friends and influencers in the hashtag #UsGuys. I engaged with real life superstars, many who I eventually met in real life. I have hosted Twitter chats, spoken at social media events, got involved with beta testing new products and platforms, helped as a brand evangelist and refined my skills in social engagement.

I have suffered through the mystery surrounding social media and the internet that many of you reading this are suffering. I have lived in the social streams. I practice what I preach and engage daily in the streams, increasing my number of relevant followers/connections as well as my level of online influence. My relationships include an assortment of today’s recognizable  social media rock stars, top bloggers, web designers, strategists, even founders of social media platforms, who can be brought into the mix on appropriate  projects.

On a personal note, I live just South of  Annapolis, Maryland,  married with three sons, have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 horses and 2 chickens, play guitar and sing in a rock and roll band, love to fish and uh, oh yeah, an avid Washington Redskins fan (it’s been a long two decades).  My writing style may not always be grammatically correct, (sometimes I purposely leave known grammatical errors uncorrected), but what you get for content is undeniably me and it comes with passion, straight from the heart and that is the type of company I  prefer to keep. All egos must be checked at the door…

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