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Do you own your URL / Domain name?


Getting started:

So many companies use snap decisions and shop by job cost when building a website. Understanding the elements that make up a website, including what name the URL is being registered in, will prevent you from making irreversable and all too classic website build blunders.

In the past few months I have come across several clients who have reached out to me for web design services. These clients already had a URL (Domain Name) and simply wanted their website updated with a modern looking design, social integration and current applications. I do my design work on a development server where clients request changes in order to keep their current website up and running. Once a website project has been approved I upload the new design to their current domain or to their new hosting platform.

This is the point where recent dilemmas have appeared. When my clients had their previous web design / web maintenance shop create their current site, I assume the dialogue went something like this –

“Hey Mr Client, this is Billy Bob’s web design company and we think that this domain name would fit your company just right”

– or –

“Mr. Billy Bob web design company, I really like this domain name, could you see if it is available and purchase it for me please? “

Sound familiar? – I hope not!

What happened was these Mr Billy Bob web design shops did in fact purchase the clients domain, but on their behalf they decided to register the URL in their design firms name. When my clients decided to take their hosting plan elsewhere, a dark secret emerged. They did not own the URL that they called home for years. Their old website shop did in fact purchase the URL for my clients, but they also registered it in their name, which by all legal terms means that the web design firm owns the domain name, not the client.

Sure these web shops were willing to lose a client, but they were going to charge them hundreds of dollars in premiums to take their beloved domain name with them. Learn from these mistakes people …. During your next web design project, ask your design team what name they plan on registering the ned URL in. Better yet, set up an account with a company like godaddy and purchase the URL yourself. This way you will be the one controlling the shots.

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