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Engagement vs. Broadcasting in the Social Streams

Social Media is about sharing and giving…        it’s about you, you, you and not me, me, me….    it’s about saying “hi”, “hello” and “thank you”

Engagement :  as demonstrated per wiki below, is more than simply Broadcating a message. Engagement involves human emotion and creates a byproduct called trust which fosters a community of like minded people.  Once a community (digital tribe) gains momentum, brand impact can grow exponentially.

Broadcasting:  A great way to spread your message… and a whole lot of waste. Broadcasting is a one-way conversation.

Today’s Social Media world does not tolerate a whole lot of broadcasting. After all, the word “social” does not imply self-promotion…  Have you ever noticed in your Facebook or Linkedin streams people who post their services and offerings over and over yet never Engage in conversations? No human interaction. No “hi”, “how are you doing today”, “how have you been”. Just flat out broadcasting – or in other words, self promotion.

The next time you post content on the web, take a step back and ask yourself – Am I offering up valuable content that my audience will find useful or am I just really trying to make a sale? 

It Matters…  Make it a great day!

– Lewis Poretz


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