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Nimble – Adding Contacts in 2 Easy Steps

If you haven’t heard yet, Nimble is a killer CRM that integrates social streams with relevant contacts. I have abandoned Outlook, Gmail, Macmail, Tweetdeck and for the most part Linkedin and Facebook in favor of watching all my conversations in one place. Yes, I am talking about watching all my contacts, all my email and all my social streams = Nimble.


Let’s say I just got off the phone with a potential client, who happens to be a national mortgage lender. Below is how I load a new contact into Nimble SCRM and learn valuable information quickly and painlessly.


The more data you have on a person, obviously the stronger a contacts profile will be, but many times all I really need to get a good snapshot is First Name, Last Name and Email. Next I select continue editing and enter phone number, any social account handles, company name and tags. For example, the prospect described above I would tag “mortgage” , “prospect” , “national acct”  or maybe even tag them by a hashtag or group.


Now I focus on Social Profile matches at the top right of my screen and add each social account of that particular contact.

Next I take notice to our Shared Connections. I might even click on some of those shared connections to see if there is any other intelligence I may find.

Finally I check out my new contacts social stream. At this point, I can clearly see who my new contact/prospect is talking with in the social streams, where they are talking and what they are talking about. Clicking through my contacts social streams, I also have the ability to follow and import people my new contact is engaging with and identify how influential they may be by viewing number of followers, Klout score and the social streams they engage in….which in turn would be the social streams I may want to engage in.


You can clearly see adding a new contact in Nimble does not just provide a home for a name, email address and contact number. Nimble is also a very powerful listening tool, data mining tags and social streams and providing large amounts of intelligence about a contact.


To get started using Nimble today – click here

I use Nimble everyday. If you have specific questions, give me a call directly – 301-637-2200


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