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Nimble Social Listening tool for Human Resource Managers and Corporate Recruiters  –

Nimble Social Listening features for Human Resource Managers and RecruitersI was recently part of a social media panel at a Human Resources Association conference in Southern Maryland. The topic of my panel was Social Media and Human Resources. The discussion began by discussing tools such as Linkedin and other social networks useful to Human Resources professionals in the recruiting process.

Then the topic turned to ‘ Social Listening ‘.

Maryland was the first state in the nation that does not allow employers to ask for passwords to employees social media accounts. I like this law as I would not voluntarily surrender passwords to my social networks, especially to my email accounts. However, I do understand the implications employees can cause by saying the wrong things in the social streams and the importance of HR professionals and recruiters doing their due diligence by researching what potential job candidates are talking about.

One of my panel mates, a recruiting manager for a very large national accounting firm, gave an example of a current employee of their company tweeting a message stating how a recent job interview went and that they coud not wait to leave their current position with their company. Discussion then moved to social listening and gaining access to potential candidates social media accounts.

The Answer – Nimble social listening features.

Just a tiny bit of data, (first name, last name and email address) , allows Nimble to perform it’s magic by automatically searching for a contacts social profiles on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google + . This can be done without requesting passwords from prospective or current employees and without violating any laws.

Nimble allows a Human Resource Professional the ability to see who someone is talking to and what they are talking about in the social streams.

If you are a Human Resource pro or a recruiter, take advantage of Nimble social listening features during your hiring process. It could make all the difference in the world.


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