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How Nimble Works – Stay More Connected to your Contacts


Social Discovery

Unified Social Notifications

All your social media interactions in one place.

On Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s easy to miss your new messages, notifications, likes, and requests. Facebook is better about highlighting incoming communication, but it’s still another social media channel you must monitor. With Nimble’s Unified Social Notifications, you’ll see a stream of all your new notifications in one place so you can read and respond immediately to these exciting engagement opportunities. Get all your communications in a single location instead of juggling three or four different social media channels and missing important messages.

The Nimble Social Daily Email

Get a daily dose of engagement opportunities.

At the start of each day, it’s hard to know where to start to strengthen your relationships. Nimble makes it easy. Every morning Nimble sends you one email full of new engagement opportunities. These opportunities to engage may come in the form of job changes within your social network, important upcoming meetings or even birthday notifications. Each notification presents a unique opportunity for you to reach out to your social network and reconnect.

Facebook Business Pages

Engage your Facebook business community from inside Nimble.

Facebook offers a place to engage your business community, but no good way to manage your relationship with each audience member – much less manage that relationship across social channels. Nimble goes beyond what Facebook – or even other community management platforms – can do. Within Nimble you can engage your Facebook audience and quickly create contact records for them. Now that your business community is tied to contact records in Nimble, you can manage your communication across all social channels and associate tasks and deals with each person. Nimble allows you to build deeper relationships and close more sales.



Incorporate your Google+ contacts in your Nimble communications.

Google+ is a fast growing social network that enables you to segment and engage the important people in your life. Nimble 2.0 now integrates with Google+, offering you the ability to import your Google+ contacts and messages. Nimble’s Social CRM is even more social with integration in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Google+.


New User InterfaceSimpler and cleaner than before.

At the heart of Nimble is the contact record – the embodiment of the relationship with the customer. Nimble contacts are all new with an improved user interface which effortlessly pulls together all related messages, activities, and deals, and includes the contact’s live social stream. Nimble has also added support for custom fields and tabs to support the unique ways our customers relate to their contacts. In addition, Nimble is just plain faster throughout the application with improved navigation and better data importing tools.

Custom Fields for Contact Records

You can now tailor Nimble to your unique business needs.

Your relationships with your customers just got easier to manage. At the heart of Nimble is the contact record – the embodiment of that relationship. With Nimble 2.0, contacts are all new with an improved user interface which effortlessly pulls together all related messages, activities, and deals, and includes the contact’s live social stream. In addition, we’ve added the flexibility to collect and store the data you need for your industry. You can add custom fields and tabs to any contact or company to support the unique ways you relate to your contacts. By capturing and retaining more insight, you can hyper-target your communications to your community and create stronger relationships.

Privacy & Marketing Integration

Message Privacy

Choose which messages to share.

Working with a team can multiply your ability to engage with your customers and grow your business. But you may not want to share everything with your teammates. With Nimble 2.0, you decide which of your connected email and social media messages are shared with team members. You can choose to mark an entire account private (such as your personal Facebook account), set an entire account to Shared (such as your Facebook Business Page), or mark individual messages as private or shared from your Nimble inbox. Be yourself within Nimble while working closely with your team.

You can have unique tabs for companies or individual contacts.

Powerful Third-Party Integrations

Increase your marketing results with Wufoo, MailChimp and HubSpot integrations.


Wufoo is an online form builder easy enough for anyone to use – no need for a developer to write any code! You simply choose from a pre-selected group of form fields (or easily customize your own) and drag them into your form. Once your online form is created, you can link web visitors directly to the form, or embed it into your website. If your Wufoo account is integrated with Nimble, whenever a lead fills out a form Nimble will automatically create a contact record for that person!


MailChimp is a powerful, intuitive and scalable email marketing platform that allows you to stay in touch with your constituents. Using MailChimp you can set up automated email marketing campaigns that engage your audience on a consistent basis with highly targeted messaging. If your MailChimp account is integrated with Nimble you are able to export your contacts into MailChimp with one click, and begin communicating with them via automated email nurture campaigns.


HubSpot is inbound marketing software that allows you to learn more about your leads. You can set conversion events on your website (example: download a white paper) that equate to points. Each time a lead visits your site and completes a conversion event they earn more points. The higher their lead score, the closer they are to making a purchase. If your HubSpot account is integrated with Nimble you can automatically have new contact records created for each lead allowing you to begin nurturing them!

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