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Nimble Top 10 Features

What is Nimble?

Nimble Top 10 features

CRM? – Social CRM? – Organzier? – Calendar? – Reminder? – Email Platform? –

Sales Management Tool? – Social Network? – Lead Generator?

How about all of the above and more? When asked to describe exactly what Nimble is, I have always used the term ‘Social CRM’. As Nimble matures and adds new features, I no longer favor using that term because Nimble does so much more.

At it’s core, Nimble is a robust Social CRM , loaded with useful features. You can find many posts discussing Nimble’s features so I decided to do something a little different. Below are 10 ways Nimble simplifies my life. These are actual examples of how I use Nimble every day. Take a look and see if these examples could make you more organized and increase your reach and efficiency.

Top 10 ways I use Nimble every day 

#1 – Email – I have 4 different email accounts synced with Nimble and can view them all at once or each account separately. Sending emails from any of those accounts is as easy as selecting from a drop down.

#2 – Contacts – No skimping here. I currently have 21,282 contacts in Nimble of the allowed 50,000. It so nice not wondering if I should import a contact or not because I am nearing the contact limit.

#3 – Social Profiles – Before I call a new prospect I add them as a contact in Nimble. If have a first name, last name and email address Nimble goes to work, identifying their social profiles on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. One click allows me to add those profiles in the contact record and clearly view what that contact is talking about and who they are talking to in the social streams. This feature alone is intelligence that can win deals.

#4 – Tags – I tag contacts based on categories such as ‘influencer’, ‘prospect’, ‘previous client’, ‘job title’, ‘industry’, ‘keep an eye on’, ‘synergy partner’ or whatever new list I want to create. If I need assistance with a project, I simply click that ‘synergy partner’ tag and all my choices of who to call are displayed. Clicking inside an individual contact I can see complete email and social stream interaction and history which I view before deciding who to call.

#5 – History – All emails and social engagement are saved in Nimble contact records. No longer do I have to do a search on every platform to view past engagements with a contact. I communicate with a lot of people daily, on many different platforms. This is a feature I rely upon heavily to review past messages with a contact before contacting them.

#6 – Notes – Nimble allows you to take notes inside a contact and time stamps it with date and time. Whenever I talk with a contact, I keep the notes field open and log specifics about the conversation.

#7 – Shared Connections – This feature is similar to what Linkedin offers but it pulls from several platforms. Identifying shared connections could be the difference between making a new connection or not. Very valuable feature.

#8 – Daily Digest – This is another feature Nimble offers that is similar to Linkedin’s daily update, but it pulls intelligence from several social platforms and even suggests engagement opportunities. I get this information every morning and it is a quick, easy way to find opportunities for engagement I otherwise would have never found.

#9 – Stay in Touch – By clicking the contacts tab, I can search all contacts by people, company, recently viewed, recently added and even recently contacted. Each contact displayed in the search results tells me the last time I touched that contact.

#10 – Deals – Nimble allows me to manage active deals and view won and lost deals. Inside each deal I can view related notes and gain intelligence on each contact that may be involved in that particular deal. Clicking on a contact displayed in a deal, I can then view who they are talking to in the social streams, shared connections and other information that could be a differentiator in making a sale.



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