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Social Media – The Big Three

People are talking about their next purchase decision in the social streams at this very moment

        Is someone talking about you?


….. Are you listening?


Is your customer service, product development, sales team and your executive team listening to what they are saying? 






Understanding your audience can be a difficult task and a major time suck.


The High School / Family Reunion


We like to refer to Facebook as the “high school/family reunion”. An excellent way to reconnect and keep in touch. Brands can employ highly targeted strategies with laser focus and “humanize” themselves. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions in advance.

The Cocktail Party


A breeding ground for crowdsourcing and social engagement platform where early adopters & beta testors live. A geek paradise. Highly informative chats, brand representation and the killer microblog platform. Sharing of knowledge and good will is everywhere.

The Business Lunch


Conversations typically have a business climate, but not always. Priceless connections and engagement is bountiful. Groups have a targeted focus that encourage discussions making this an essential social platform for connections. Join a group, comment, connect.

The Facebook Challenger


Early adopters start the fire, using their influence to get pre launch hype viral in the social streams. And many of the highly influential  understand early adopters sometimes turn into trailblazers. If you want to touch well established thought leaders and social rockstars, Go G+   

The Humanizer


Video bridges the missing gap between text and real life. It allows a brand to humanize themselves, to reach out and achieve a different type of engagement that is absent from using text only. Google tilts the scale for heavy vid posters looking to optimize their brand. 


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