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Social Media – Top 4 Essentials

It’s really not rocket science on how to get your brand noticed in the social streams.

It does however take a commitment of consistent and frequent posting of content, sharing that content and fostering engagement of your content in the social streams. And most important of all, replying to the people who talk to you.

Always, always, always reply! – Everyone Matters


SocialYo TIP – Spend 20 minutes every morning writing quality content regarding your brand or service, post it to your blog on your website and share it with your social audience and friends – you will get noticed!

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This is where it all starts –

There is a fine grey line brands must navigate with sharing high quality information on one side and shameless self promotion on the other. Your blog is the place to let the world know you are an authoritative figure regarding your brand or service. Display your superior skills and willingness to share the essentials and high quality brand related content in the social streams and people will notice you. The blog is the living place for your content.

Consistently posting relevant content on your blog on a regular basis will keep your website fresh in search engines. Remember, it’s not just about promoting your brand or service, it’s about demonstrating your willingness and technical ability to help solve customer questions and issues by offering samples and snippets that can be put to use.


The vehicle to share with –

Consider that your blog is the living area for your content and the social streams are the vehicle that allows you to share and demonstrate to the masses your ability to offer a service or product that can offer much better results than your competition. Be certain to address trending topics regarding your expertise and offer up solutions to any current issues within your field.

Once you have found your audience in the social streams and have earned acceptance within those digital tribes, share your quality posts by displaying a sample of your content and then driving your audience to the blog where it lives. The Blog get’s shared in the Social Streams and drives traffic to your Website…. Not too difficult yet is it?

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Just a touch every now and then please –

Offering quality content that is useful and actionable is great, but how do you take it a step further? Email marketing provides amazing analytics you can put to use in many different ways. Offering up a way for your audience to “get the latest updates’ or “download an amazing Ebook” or simply “join my mailing list” will allow you to touch them on another platform in a consistent manner.

Share your weekly blog posts in your emails, driving them to your website to “read more”. Email analytics can show you who is reading your email newsletters, who is deleting them, who is clicking on links and even sharing your content in the social streams.


Your home address –

Once again, let’s consider the Blog is where your content lives. Just like your home where you live, there is a physical address. In the internet world, this is considered your domain name. The Website is the hub that your Blog, Social Stream engagement and Email marketing strategy revolves around. Remember the saying “Content is King?” – well the health of your website depends on content.

…and I’m talking relevant, high quality, useful and actionable content your audience can put to use… and a whole to of it being posted consistently and often. You see, the Top 4 Social Media essentials for your brand all work together in sweet harmony. If one piece is missing, the results may not be what you expect.

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